Comfort Dentistry in Knoxville, TN

Comfort Dentistry: Relieve Dental Anxiety

Do you suffer from anxiety in the dental chair? Do you or your child have special healthcare needs? If so, your visits to our office could be more relaxing with the help of sedation dentistry.

Dr. Kelso offers the very best comfort dentistry near Riverbend, Westmoreland, Sequoya Hills, West Hills, Whittington Creek, Rocky Hill, Farragut, Kensington, North Knoxville, and South Knoxville because he understands the importance of compassion. When you are a patient of ours, you never need to worry about your dental visits being painful, uncomfortable, or stressful. Instead, you'll get all the dental treatment you need - while you kick back and relax!

Laughing Gas For Anxiety & Special Healthcare Needs

dentist working with anxious patient using sedation dentistryAt Robert M. Kelso Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer safe, effective laughing gas. Laughing gas has been used in the field of dentistry for centuries because it's effective and comes with little-to-no adverse side effects.

Just before your dental treatment will begin, we will cover your nose with a nasal hood that emits a gentle, yet steady stream of medication. The nasal hood will stay over your nose for the duration of the procedure so that you remain calm and comfortable throughout.

Laughing gas is safe for patients of all ages, including young children. It's favored over more heavy forms of sedation because it wears off just minutes after the nasal hood is removed, so you or your child can enjoy the rest of the day feeling clear-headed and energized!

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